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Ultrasonic, Non Invasive, Clamp On Flow Meter Specialists - Micronics Ltd

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Milk in a bag

In 2008, Dairy Crest launched 'Milk in a bag'. The bags are made of strong, low density, durable plastic, which greatly reduced the amount of plastic used for milk packaging. The milk bags fit into a 'JUGIT'; a specially designed, reusable container, that has a spike to pierce the bag and form a no-leak seal. The milk is then poured from a spout. This innovation in packaging was part of Dairy Crests commitment to reducing waste. Their targets focused on reducing packaging, using recycled materials and encouraging consumers to recycle, as well as recycling and minimising waste at their sites.

The Micronics SLT32 Ultrasonic Flow Meter was another of the tools used in their pursuit of these goals. As part of the minimising waste targets, Dairy Crest aim to minimise milk losses during their processes and the SLT32 non-contact flow meters have been installed to help achieve this goal.

The flow meter allows for open-channel flow measuring, which allows Dairy Crest to monitor the discharge rates of milk as it is processed. This information, related to effluent and totalised flow, is collected and the results shown in both real time and daily values. This allows Dairy Crest to investigate potential reductions in milk wastage during the process, which cuts costs as well as waste.

If process efficiency, reducing waste and costs is important to your business, Micronics has a range of flow meterproducts that are easy to install and maintain.

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